PagerDuty is a popular incident management solution that integrates with monitoring stacks for alerting, on-call scheduling, and automatic escalation of critical incidents.

You can configure this service to deliver alerts by text, email, call, or through iOS and Android apps.

You can use this integration to trigger incidents in PagerDuty based on your Postman Monitor results, helping your team investigate and resolve Collection run failures quickly.

Retrieving your PagerDuty Integration Key

Create an account or use a preexisting one to log in to PagerDuty. In the header toolbar, select Services. If you are creating a new service for this integration, select Services and then + New Service.

pagerduty menu

Enter your Service Name and choose Postman as the Integration Type.

Click the Add Service link at the bottom of the page to create a new service.

pagerduty menu

Save the PagerDuty Integration Key to use later.

pagerduty menu

Configuring Postman with PagerDuty

From the Home page select Integrations.

home page and integrations

Search and select PagerDuty.

pagerduty menu

You can select View All to see all PagerDuty integrations created by your team.

pagerduty menu

To create your own integration, select Add Integration.

pagerduty menu

Enter the name of the integration, workspace, monitor, and your PagerDuty Integration Key. Select Add Integration to start configuring the integration.

pagerduty menu

Viewing PagerDuty results

The PagerDuty console will continuously update to display any incidents that result from your Postman Monitors. If the selected Monitor fails, you’ll receive notifications on PagerDuty according to the formatting and business rules you’ve already set.

pagerduty results

Last modified: 2021/10/25