View reports about team invites, member activity, and role distribution

Reports are available on all Postman Enterprise plans.

The Members overview dashboard shows details about all members of your team including invites, member activity, and role distribution.

  • Team members - The current number of user accounts in the team.
  • Team members over time - The size of the team on the last day of each month in the last six months.
  • Active members over time - The number of team members who used Postman at least once on a specific day in the last 30 days.
  • Member invites - The number of invitations sent by your team, and the number of invites accepted.
  • Member roles - The number of team members assigned to each role.
  • Members list - A detailed list of team members with the following information about each member:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Joined on date
    • Last active on date
    • Roles
    • Invited by
    • Invite type
    • Public profile enabled
  • Auto-flex summary (last complete cycle) - Auto-Flex is a flexible billing feature available to Postman teams. With Auto-Flex enabled, your team can add users without having to pay in advance. This section shows the start date, end date, number of slots converted, and users added during the last Auto-Flex cycle.

Last modified: 2023/06/15