Configuring domain capture

Domain capture is only available to Postman Enterprise teams.

Domain capture allows you to identify and manage all user accounts in Postman that have been created with your organization’s domains and subdomains. With this feature, you can consolidate all of your organization's Postman users into a single Postman team and ensure that any new users who sign up for Postman with your domain are automatically added.

You must be a Postman team admin to enable domain capture for your team. Your team must also have SSO configured and alternative authentication methods (Postman or Google login) disabled prior to setting up domain capture.


Enabling domain capture

To enable domain capture, navigate to Postman and select Team > Team Settings in the upper-right. Select Authentication in the left sidebar.

Confirm that your team has only the SSO authentication method enabled. Then, select the Domains tab.

Your team must have only SAML-based SSO authentication methods enabled to set up domain capture. Alternative authentication methods such as Postman or Google login must be disabled.

Select Add Domain. Enter the domain or subdomain you'd like to add, then select Generate Verification Records. Copy icon Copy the TXT record and add it to your domain's DNS configuration.

Add domain - domain details

In Postman, you can select ← Back to navigate back to your domain dashboard.

Domain dashboard

Verification status will change from "Created" to "In Progress" after the TXT record has been added to the domain's DNS configuration.

Postman's team will verify your requested domain and update its status to "Verified" in your domain dashboard, as well as notify your team admins via email.

You can reach out to Postman support to check on the status of your domain verification.

Once your domain has been verified, you can enable it by selecting the switch under Domain authentication.

Domain authentication confirmation

Select Confirm to enable domain capture.

Admin experience

Team admins can manage the domains and subdomains that have been added to a team by navigating to the domain dashboard. Here, admins can add, enable, disable, or delete domains for their team at any time.

Domain dashboard

In the domain dashboard, you can view your domains, their verification status, the number of unclaimed accounts associated with the domain, and if domain capture is currently enabled or disabled for the particular domain.

Unclaimed Accounts is the number of accounts associated with a verified domain that are not a part of your Postman team. When you opt to enable Domain authentication for a domain, you'll be provided with a list of the unclaimed Postman accounts that will be automatically added to your team. Once enabled, the number of unclaimed accounts will reduce as these users log in and join your team.

With domain capture enabled, any new users that sign up for Postman with your domain are automatically added to your team and can be managed in your team dashboard.

User experience

When domain capture is enabled, Postman users with accounts associated with the domain will only be able to access Postman after joining your Postman team. This applies to existing users who are a part of other Postman teams, existing individual Postman users, and new users who sign up for Postman.

Existing users will be notified when they next log in to Postman that their account is now managed by your team.

Domain capture join team notification

Existing users who were previously on another Postman team will have their personal workspace data, collections, and environments automatically transferred over. If users experience any issues when moving to your Postman team, please reach out to Postman support.

Last modified: 2022/01/21