Managing your team

Certain team options are only available on Postman Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Postman provides a number of ways to manage your team.


Member roles

Everyone in your team is a member. Each member has certain roles, which allow them to perform various actions. These can be granted directly to users individually, or via groups. To learn more, visit Roles and Permissions.

Managing roles

An admin can modify the roles of other team members individually by selecting Team in the upper right > Manage Team.

An admin can manage which team members have Admin and Developer roles. If you are on a Postman Professional or Enterprise plan, an admin will also have the option of assigning a Community Manager. If you are on a Postman Enterprise plan, an admin will additionally have the option to assign the Super Admin role.

Only a team member with the billing role can grant the Billing role to or remove it from other team members.

Under Members, select the roles next to the user you would like to update. Select the roles you would like to assign or unassign, then Update Roles to confirm your changes.

Edit team roles

Each team member must have a minimum of one role assigned to them.

Teams may have two support accounts at no additional cost. Support accounts are defined as members with only admin and/or billing roles.

Roles can also be assigned via groups.


Invitations are sent to individuals you opt to add to your Postman team. Only admins are able to send, delete, and resend these. However, other members of the team can request to invite members to the team. These requests must be approved by an admin. Once approved, an invite will be sent to the individual.

To allow Postman users from your company to request to join your team, enable team discovery.

Inviting to a team

Navigate to Manage Team and select Invite People. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite, select Add, edit their roles, then Send Invites.

Invite users to team

Alternatively, you can invite users to your team via links. To do so, select Get Link.

Managing invitations

Select Invite links from the left-hand menu to view a list of invitation links your team has generated. Here, you can review which users generated links, when they were generated, their expiry date, and their URL.

Invite links dashboard

To copy the invite URL, hover over a row and select the copy icon Copy link icon to the right.

To revoke an invitation, hover over the invitation and select the trash can icon Delete link icon to the right.

Changing team size

To change your team size, see Changing your plan.

Removing team members

To remove a member from your team, navigate to your team's page > Members and groups. Select the External link icon icon next the team member's name.

Removing a team member

To confirm, select Remove User From Team.

Confirmation for removing a team member

When you remove a user from your team, you will still retain access to any data they have shared with the team. However, any data in the user’s personal workspaces is owned by that user and their ownership for that data will not be transferred when they are removed from your team.

Next steps

To find information on billing, see Managing your billing.

Learn more about the various roles that can be granted to your team members in Roles and Permissions.

Last modified: 2022/01/06