Managing your team

Certain team options are only available on Postman Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Postman provides a number of ways to manage your team.


Member roles

Everyone in your team is a member. Each member has certain roles, which allow them to perform various actions. These can be granted directly to users individually, or via groups. To learn more, visit Roles and Permissions.

Managing roles

An admin can modify the roles of other team members individually by navigating to Team > Manage Roles.

An admin can manage which team members have Admin and Developer roles. If you are on a Postman Business or Enterprise plan, an admin will also have the option of assigning a Community Manager.

Only a team member with the billing role can grant the Billing role to or remove it from other team members.

Click a role next to the corresponding member to assign and unassign roles, then Save.

Manage team roles

Each team member must have a minimum of one role assigned to them. Note that only team members with a billing role will be able to give other users that designation.

Teams may have two support accounts at no additional cost. Support accounts are defined as members with only admin and/or billing roles.

Roles can also be assigned via groups.


Invitations are sent to individuals you opt to add to your Postman team. Only admins are able to send, delete, and resend these. However, other members of the team can request to invite members to the team. These requests must be approved by an admin. Once approved, an invite will be sent to the individual.

To allow Postman users from your company to request to join your team, enable team discovery.

Inviting to a team

Navigate to Manage Team and select Invite Users. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite, click Add, then Send invitations.

Alternatively, you can invite users to your team via links. To do so, select Get Link.

Invite users to team

Inviting to team workspaces

In a workspace, select Invite in the upper-right corner. Enter the name of the individuals or groups you'd like to add to the workspace, then Send Invitations.

Inviting users to a workspace will add them to your Postman team if they are not already members.

Invite users

You can also invite individuals to a workspace by navigating to the workspace Overview tab, then Sharing in the lower-right corner.

Canceling invitations

To revoke an invitation, navigate to Manage Team. Hover over the individual in question, then click the corresponding trash can symbol. You can also delete invite links generated by team members by navigating to Manage Invite Links in your Team Settings.

Changing team size

To change your team size, see Changing your plan.

Next steps

To find information on billing, see Managing your billing.

Learn more about the various roles that can be granted to your team members in Roles and Permissions.