Custom SAML in OneLogin

You must be an admin of your OneLogin organization in order to create this custom SAML application.

Setting up a custom SAML application in OneLogin

  1. Go to the OneLogin home page at and log in to your account using your OneLogin credentials.

  2. Navigate to the OneLogin applications page, and select Add Apps:

    OneLogin add app2

  3. Search for SAML Test Connector in the Find Applications section. Select SAML Test Connector (IdP w/ attr w/ sign response) from the search results

    onelogin find saml

  4. Update or rename the Display Name, and select Save.

    onelogin display name

  5. You are now in the Info tab. Select the Configuration tab. Enter your Postman service provider details here. These details can be found on the Postman Edit Team Details page. Select Save to proceed.

    OneLogin service provider

    • Enter the string ^https:\/\/\/ in the ACS(Consumer) URL Validator field.
    • Copy EntityID in the Recipient field, and ACS URL in ACS (Consumer) URL.
    • Enter in the Single Logout URL field.
  6. Navigate to the SSO tab in OneLogin and copy the Identity Provider SSO URL, SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP), and X.509 Certificate from here:

    OneLogin service provider

  7. To copy the X.509 certificate, select View Details, then paste the values into the corresponding fields in the Postman Identity Provider Details screen:

    OneLogin service provider details

  8. Generate or regenerate the relay state, select Automatically add new users using this authentication method to my team, and click Save Authentication.

Last modified: 2021/09/29