Working with your team

Postman Free allows teams of up to three to collaborate at no cost. To collaborate with additional team members, features, and increased usage limits, see Plans and Pricing.

Postman enables collaboration through shared workspaces. You can use workspaces to share your work with your teammates, including APIs, collections, environments, integrations, mock servers, and monitors.


Enabling team discovery

When you enable team discovery, users who have a verified email address with your company's domain can request to join pre-existing teams within your organization. This encourages collaboration and eases the onboarding process for your team members.

  • Free users: Next to your avatar, select the menu to the right of Upgrade, then select Manage Team.
  • Paid users: Next to your avatar, select Team, then select Manage Team.

On your Team Settings page, select Team discovery on the left, then select the toggle to turn team discovery on.

Enable team discovery

Team admins will receive an email notification when team discovery is enabled.

You can optionally add a question for pending team members to answer when they request to join your team. Enter your question and select Update Question. Anyone who requests to join the team will be prompted with the question. If you do not specify a question, team members can still add a note when they request to join the team.

All admins will be notified when someone makes a request to join your team, including their answer to any question you set, or an optional note.

Team Request Approval

Collaborating in team workspaces

Team workspaces allow you to collaborate on APIs, collections, environments, integrations, mocks, and monitors with your team.

Postman creates a default "Team Workspace" for every team. You can rename this workspace, but it cannot be deleted.

Postman notifies you when activities occur within your team workspace. You can opt in to or out of these notifications by selecting your avatar in the upper right and selecting Notification Preferences.

Inviting a team member to a workspace

You can invite team members to join a new or existing workspace. For more details about how to invite a team member to a workspace, see Sharing workspaces.

Finding teams within your organization

When you log in to the Postman web dashboard using a verified email address for your company or organization, you can see available teams to join by selecting your avatar > Your Team. You will also be prompted with available teams when you first sign into your Postman account with a verified address.

Choose Team

You will see a list of the available teams within your organization. Select a team. Answer the question set by the team admin, if there is one. You can also add an optional note. Select Request to join.

Team Join Question

Team admins will receive a notification when you ask to join the team. Once they approve your request, you'll be able to access the team and collaborate on API projects within it.

Leaving a team

You can leave a Postman team by navigating to your Postman Dashboard, selecting your avatar in the top right, then Account Settings. Select Team on the left. You can then opt to Leave Team.

Leave team

If your team has SCIM configured, you must contact your Postman team admins to leave the team.

When you leave a team, you no longer have access to the team's workspaces or any of the elements in them. You will still have access to your personal workspaces.

If you are the last member to leave your team, you will have the option to transfer collections to a personal workspace.

Leave and delete team

If you are invited to a new team and you are the last member in your current team, all team data will be transferred to your personal default workspace.

Team usage limits

The Postman usage menu allows you to review your team's limits for APIs, shared requests and history, mocks, monitors, and public documentation.

  • Free users: Next to your avatar, select the menu to the right of Upgrade.
  • Paid users: Next to your avatar, select Team.

For more details and to view your usage period, select Resource Usage.

Usage limit information

Next steps

Postman has many features to help you collaborate with your team:

  • Assign roles and permissions to define Postman access at the team, workspace, and entity level.
  • Use version control to collaborate with teammates on different forks of a shared collection or versioning to collaborate on different versions of a shared API.
  • Use your Private API Network to securely share the APIs that your team uses internally.

Last modified: 2022/01/18