Share your public workspace with API consumers

Postman recommends following these best practices and tips to share your public workspace with API consumers and track interest and activity for your APIs on the Public API Network.

Linking to a public workspace

You can navigate to a public workspace from your browser using the public workspace's URL. Copy the public workspace's URL, and then share the URL with a team member or other Postman users.

Open the public workspace, then select the link icon Link icon next to the workspace's name in the Overview tab.

Copy link to workspace

You can also open the public workspace, then copy the URL in your browser's address bar.

Add links from your API’s documentation to your collection, helping consumers navigate your API. You can also add a link from your documentation to your collection using a Run in Postman button.

Adding a link

Tracking public workspace metrics

You can use reports that Postman generates to visualize data and track performance for your APIs. You can use the number of watchers and forks in your public workspace to track your API's success.


In your Postman reports dashboard, you can view reports for public workspaces on the Public API Network. This report enables you to track API consumer interest and activity in your public APIs over a specified period of time. You can view the number of collection views and forks, requests made in forked collections, and more.

You can also view reports for your public workspaces and public APIs. These reports provide an overview of your public workspaces and APIs, such as the total number of public workspaces and elements in them, the number of public APIs with tests, and more. You can also track metrics about API consumer interest and activity, such as the number of views, watchers, and comments.


Track the number of watchers on your workspace, APIs, and collections to understand who is interested in your APIs. You can use the number of watchers as a metric for the number of consumers, contributors, and internal and external stakeholders who are interested in your APIs.

View the watcher information count


Track the number of forks on your collections, environments, and Flows to understand who is actively consuming and contributing to your APIs.

View the fork information count

For more details about viewing the number of people who forked a Postman element, see Viewing fork information.

Last modified: 2023/03/30