Beta feature

Cross-team forking for Partner Workspace collections

Partner Workspaces are available on Postman Professional and Enterprise plans.

Cross-team forking is a beta capability and is available to all customers who want to try it out. If you'd like to participate and provide feedback, sign up for early access or contact your Customer Success Manager.

When you set up a Partner Workspace and collaborate with partners, your partners can create a fork and take a copy to their own team. This helps partners edit the collection privately and also collaborate with their colleagues in the partner organization. Your partners can then construct their own real-world API workflows using the forked collection.

Any partner - whether they are a Viewer and Editor - can create cross-team forks as long as they are on a paid Postman plan (Basic, Professional or Enterprise). If your partner is not on a paid plan, and you want to provide them the ability to fork, you can assign them the Editor role in the Partner Workspace. Partner Editors can fork to any team that they're part of. Learn more about roles.

Fork a Partner Workspace collection as a Partner Viewer

Workspace Admins can invite Partners as Viewers to the Partner Workspace. When you're logged in as a Partner, you can see a diamond symbol over your avatar. In this sample team, you're a Partner Viewer, which means you have a Viewer role in all the team's Partner workspaces.

Partner Viewer options

To fork a collection, do the following:

  1. On the collection, select the more actions icon More actions icon and select Create a fork.

  2. Specify your own Fork label.

    Create a fork
  3. Select the Fork Destination.

    • The Team dropdown displays a list of teams that you are part of. The first listed item is the current team where you are a partner. Also listed are other teams that you are part of. In this example, one of the teams is on a Basic (paid) plan and the other one is on a Free plan. In this scenario, you would select the Basic Team because it is a paid team on a basic plan. Select Continue.

    • The Workspace dropdown shows a list of workspaces within the selected team where you have Editor permissions. Select a workspace and then Fork Collection.

    Cross-team forking is enabled only if the partner is part of a paid team. To fork to a team that is on a Free plan, you need to upgrade the team to a paid team.

Creating a cross-team fork switches your team and takes you to the workspace where the fork is created. You can see that a fork is created in a different team. Cross-team forks can be created in any workspace within a paid team.

If you select the fork icon Fork icon next to the collection name, you can see which collection and team the fork is created from.

Select the fork

If you select the collection link, you are prompted with an option to switch teams because the source collection for this fork is in a different team.

Switch the team

Selecting Switch Team redirects you the Partner Workspace that has the source collection.

Fork a Partner Workspace collection as a Partner Editor

Partner Editor is a Partner who has Editor permissions on one or more Partner workspaces. To fork a collection as a Partner Editor, you can follow the same steps as a Partner Viewer. However, as a Partner Editor you can fork to a workspace in any team that you are part of.

As a Partner Editor forking a collection from a Partner Workspace, you have these options:

  • Fork within the same team - Select the current team in the Team dropdown, then select a workspace where you have Editor permissions.

  • Fork to a different team - Select the Team dropdown. The workspaces where you have Editor permissions are shown. Select a team and then Fork Collection.

Last modified: 2024/04/29