Using and managing workspaces

You can share your Postman components with collaborators and organize your work using workspaces. To select a workspace, use the control at the top of the Postman app in the center.

New Workspace

You can create workspaces in addition to the default personal and team workspaces.


Accessing workspaces

You can access personal, team, and private workspaces using the workspace selector at the top of Postman.

To view and edit your workspace details (e.g. name, description), navigate to the workspace selector and hover over a workspace. Then, click ... and select View Details.

Default Workspace

You can access public workspaces via the Workspaces category in the API Network.

Access Public Workspaces

Sharing workspaces

You can share workspaces with collaborators by inviting them. If you invite a collaborator to a personal workspace, Postman will convert it to a team workspace.

You cannot convert the default My Workspace to a team workspace.

Open your workspace in the Postman app by selecting it from the workspace dropdown in the left. To add collaborators, click Invite at the top right.

Add email addresses for the collaborators you want to invite to the workspace. Select access levels for the workspace and click Send Invitations.

Invite users

When your collaborators accept the invite from the notification they receive, they will be able to access the workspace.

You can share a Public workspace by sharing its URL directly. To access the public profile URL, navigate to Your Team, then click View Team Settings.

Enable team profile

Joining workspaces

In some cases you will join a workspace by following the link in an email / notification when a member of the workspace invites you. If you are part of a team in Postman, you can find workspaces to join. Open the workspaces drop-down from the control at the top of Postman in the center. Select Team and scroll to Workspaces you can join.

Join Workspace

Select the workspace, then click Join at the top right.

Join workspace

Click Start Building to open the Build view in the workspace you just joined.

Build in Workspace

You can also join a workspace from the Dashboard by clicking the Join button next to the workspace.

join by dashboard

To leave a workspace, select the Team tab in the workspaces Dashboard and select Leave.

Leave workspace

To leave a public workspace, select the ... on the right corner of the workspace overview and Leave workspace. Click Leave to finalize leaving the workspace.

Leave workspace

Adding elements to workspaces

You can add existing collections and environments to another workspace by sharing them.

To share a collection, open it via Collections on the left-hand side, and choose Share Collection from the drop-down menu or overview.

Collection share

To share an environment, open Manage Environments by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the app, and click Share.

Share environment

Select the workspace you want to share to, and choose whether you also want to remove the element from its current workspace. Click Share.

Collection share to workspace

Adding from the Dashboard

To add from the Workspaces dashboard, click Add to workspace next to the workspace you want to add an existing element to.

add to workspaces

Select the source workspace that contains the collection or environment. In the Collections or Environments tab, select the element(s) you want to add.

select for workspace

Click Add to this Workspace. The element(s) will now appear in your list of collections or environments in the target workspace.

Removing elements from a workspace

When you remove an element from a workspace, it is no longer visible in that particular workspace. The element is still available in any other workspace where it has been added.

If you remove a collection from a workspace and are unable to locate it, you can recover it navigating to your team collections, or, if the collection was never shared, by navigating to your personal collections. From there, you'll be able to re-share the item to the correct workspace.

From the Postman app, you can remove a collection from the sidebar. Click ... to open the collection menu. Select Remove from Workspace and confirm that you would like to remove the collection from the current workspace. The collection will no longer be visible in the workspace.

Remove collection from workspace

From the Postman app, you can remove an environment from the Manage Environments modal. Click ... next to the environment you would like to remove. Select Remove from Workspace and confirm that you would like to remove the environment from the current workspace. The environment will no longer be visible in the workspace.

Remove environment from workspace

You can also remove collections and environments from the Workspaces dashboard.

Note that deleting an element is different to removing it. When you delete an element it is no longer available in any workspace. When you remove an element from a specific workspace, it will still be available in any other workspaces it was in.

Deleting a workspace

When you delete a workspace, you erase its existence in Postman. Only the original creator of a workspace or a team admin can delete a workspace.

"My Workspace" and "Team Workspace" are default workspaces created by Postman. They cannot be deleted, however they can be renamed.

To delete a workspace, go to the Workspaces dashboard and select a workspace.

Click the ... on the right corner of the workspace overview, then select Delete Workspace.

Delete workspace

Confirm that you wish to delete the workspace—it will no longer be available following this action.

Public workspaces must have their visibility reverted in order to be deleted. If you try to delete a public workspace by clicking ... on the right corner of the workspace overview, the option to delete will be greyed out.

Managing workspace members

If you're a team administrators you can manage the members of your workspace, from the Dashboard via the Team tab.

Edit workspace

Click ... next to the workspace you want to update, and select Manage Members.

Edit workspace

In Edit workspace details, add or remove team members in the Members list, selecting access permissions depending on your account level, and save your changes.

Being an admin, you have the permission to add and remove any member from a public workspace. To add members to a public workspace, navigate to the Members section, enter an email address, click Add to the team, then Save.

Add member

Seeing who is in your workspace

You can see all of the members of your workspace and keep track of who's working on your APIs at any given time. You can also make sure that all teammates who should be included in your workspace are there. The avatars of workspace members at the top of the screen in the Postman app and on the web Dashboard are bright when a member is active, and muted when someone hasn't been active for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Hover over the avatars to see your teammates names.

Active user

You can only see workspace members if you are also a member. To see member avatars, and to make your avatar visible to the team, join the relevant workspace.

If more than three people belong to a workspace, the fourth avatar will be a number representing the remaining members. Click the number to see a list of all active and inactive users.

Active user list

The active and inactive user lists are collapsible.

Active user list

Next steps

You can view recent activity within a workspace to keep track with developments on your projects.