Collaborate with your team in Postman

Postman has a variety of tools you can use to improve the onboarding and collaboration experience for team members in your organization. With these features, you can ensure team members have access to relevant Postman teams for collaborating on API projects.

You can collaborate with team members using the following features:

  • Postman teams and accounts - Create and join Postman teams to collaborate with your teammates. You can view and manage your team's usage limits with the Resource usage dashboard. You can also keep workspaces in your Postman account separate from teams you join.
  • Team discovery - Enable team discovery to improve the onboarding experience for new teammates. This enables users in your organization to request to join your Postman team.
  • Team workspaces - Create team workspaces to share work with team members and collaborate on API projects.
  • Comment and discuss - Add comments to collections, requests, and more to discuss your work with your teammates in Postman. You can reply to comments to keep the conversation going, and resolve comments that have been addressed.

Last modified: 2024/01/25