Automate collection runs using Postman Monitors

You can automate collection runs using monitors to schedule runs and receive reports on your request test results.

You can also schedule collection runs with the Collection Runner. Monitors are typically used to schedule runs when you want to set up alerts like triggering on-call upon failure. Users typically choose the Collection Runner to schedule runs for all other use cases.

  1. To add or access monitors for a particular collection, select Monitors in the sidebar.

    Monitors v10

    Any monitors already attached to your collection will appear. Select Create a monitor to add one (or + Create a new Monitor if you already have one on the collection).

    You can also add a monitor by selecting a collection first. Select the collection you want to add a monitor to, then select the more actions icon More actions icon > Monitor collection.

  2. Enter the following:

    • Monitor name
    • Collection
    • Environment (optional)
    • Data file (optional)
    • Run this monitor (schedule)
    • Regions
    • Email addresses for failure and error notifications
    • Retry if run fails
    • Set request timeout
    • Set delay between requests
    • Follow redirects
    • Enable SSL validation
  3. Select Create Monitor and your monitor will run on the schedule you entered.

    Add new monitor to collection

    Your new monitor will appear in the monitor overview. You can open the monitor overview tab to view your monitor results at any time.

    New monitor created

Last modified: 2022/11/09