Manage API deployments in Postman

Postman enables you to manage your API deployments by connecting to an API gateway. When you connect Postman to an API gateway, you can track your API deployment status and history. Postman offers integration with popular API gateways, such as Apigee X, Amazon API Gateway, and Azure API Management.

Connecting to an API gateway

To connect to an API gateway in Postman, select APIs in the sidebar and select an API. Select Deployments, then select Apigee X, AWS API Gateway, or Microsoft Azure.

Enter the required information to configure the API gateway integration. For more information, see the detailed steps for your API gateway:

Connecting to an API Gateway

Viewing API deployments in Postman

After connecting to an API gateway, you can view the deployment history for your API definitions in Postman. Select APIs in the sidebar and select an API, then select Deployments.

  • Apigee X - View details about your Apigee API proxy and proxy endpoints. You can also view details about your Apigee environments. Learn more about Viewing Apigee X deployments.
  • Amazon API Gateway - View the active deployment for each stage, recent exports from Postman, and details about each deployment. You can also export or deploy your HTTP API definition from Postman to your gateway. Learn more about Viewing Amazon API gateway deployments.
  • Azure API Management - View deployments for each of your Azure API Management services. You can view the revision history, changelog, and export history. You can also export your API definition from Postman to Azure API Management. Learn more about Viewing Azure API deployments.

Last modified: 2024/01/30