View Datadog APM metrics in Postman

Datadog is an application performance management (APM) service that provides visibility for cloud-scale applications. The API Builder has a Datadog integration that enables you to access Datadog APM metrics from within Postman.

With this integration, you can link your API in Postman to multiple services from Datadog. Services are the building blocks that make up your application, like a web framework or a database. You can also link multiple dashboards from Datadog to your API in Postman.

Want to send Postman Monitor results to Datadog? Sending Postman Monitor results to Datadog is a separate integration from viewing APM metrics in Postman. The integration in the API Builder has two tabs that cover both integrations. Learn more about configuring a Postman Monitor integration with Datadog.

Connecting to Datadog APM

Before you begin, you must configure your application to send traces to Datadog. See the Datadog APM documentation for more details.

To connect an API to Datadog APM, do the following:

  1. Select APIs in the sidebar and select an API.
  2. Select API Performance.
  3. Under Connect Postman to your monitoring workflows, select Datadog.
  4. Select your Datadog region (US or EU).
  5. Enter your Datadog API Key and Datadog Application Key. To learn more, see the Datadog documentation for adding API and application keys.
  6. Enter the Datadog Environment with the services you want to connect (for example, beta or prod).
  7. Select one or more Datadog Services to connect to Postman.
  8. (Optional) Select one or more Datadog Dashboards to link to Postman.
  9. Select Connect.
  10. If you want, you can also configure an integration to send your Postman Monitor run results to Datadog. Enter details for the integration, or select Maybe Later. Learn more about configuring a Postman Monitor integration with Datadog.
Connecting to Datadog APM

Viewing Datadog APM metrics

After connecting to Datadog APM, you can view metrics for your Datadog services in Postman. Select APIs in the sidebar and select an API. Select API Performance.

For each Datadog service, you can view the environment, latency, throughput, error rate, and apdex (application performance index). You can also view Datadog monitor notifications, for example Alert, Warn, and No Data.

If you linked dashboards when connecting to Datadog, you can view them by selecting Dashboard Quicklinks and selecting a dashboard.

Viewing Datadog APM metrics

Select the name of a Datadog service to view APM graphs for that service. The graphs display metrics for latency, throughput, apdex, and error rate. Hover over a data point on a graph to view more details. The table below the graphs lists triggered Datadog monitors, which you can select to view in Datadog.

Viewing Datadog APM graphs

From here you can take the following actions:

  • To view graphs for a different service, select the service in the dropdown list.
  • To view the service in Datadog, select View on Datadog.
  • To view metrics for a different time range, select the time range in the dropdown list.
  • To view the latest metrics, select Refresh icon Refresh.
  • To edit or delete the integration, select the more actions icon More actions icon.

Last modified: 2024/07/02