Exploring the Public API Network

The Postman Public API Network is the largest network of APIs, workspaces, and collections by developers across the planet. Many of the teams and companies responsible for leading-edge APIs and technologies have public workspaces you can explore. Popular third-party APIs are also published, along with numerous examples you can use as a starting point when writing your own APIs or collections.

To access the Public API Network, visit postman.com/explore or select Explore at the top left of Postman.

Postman Public API Network

There are a variety of ways to find APIs, workspaces, teams, and collections:

  • In the spotlight highlights the latest exciting, useful, and noteworthy contributions to the Public API network, handpicked by the experts at Postman.
  • Trending workspaces, collections, and APIs shows entities that are the most popular in the Public API Network, based on the number of people viewing or creating forks of them.
  • The Search Postman box at the top of the page searches all of Postman by default, but you can also use the search controls to limit a search to only the Public API Network.
  • There are links to the left to view Teams, Workspaces, APIs, and Collections. When you open each of these, the results page will also have categories you can explore on the left. Also, you can sort results using the Featured, Most Viewed, and Latest tabs just below the header.

To import a collection from a public workspace to your workspace, create a fork of it. See forking a collection.

Check out some useful collections for getting started learning about APIs, requests, and Postman: