Discovering templates

Templates help you to learn about APIs inside Postman. You can import templates into Postman to try out various request types and configurations. In addition to the templates, the Postman API Network includes collections you can use to make requests to popular third party APIs.

To access templates, visit or click Explore at the top left of Postman.

Templates in Postman

You can also access any collections, APIs and workspaces added as part of your team's Public API Network.

You can browse using the categories on the left side. Also, you can sort them using the tabs - Featured, Most Viewed and Latest present just below the header.

  • Selecting an API will display the Public APIs which you can fork into a workspace you belong to.
  • Selecting a collection will list the Public collections that you can access in Postman.
  • Selecting a template will bring up its listing, which contains additional detail including the publisher.

Template details

If you want to see more detail on the requests in the template, click View Documentation. This will open the docs page for the collection in the browser, which outlines the requests inside it. To see more detail on the publisher, click their username, which will also open their profile, including other templates they have published.

You can also create a public workspace and share your collections to collaborate with team members. To import a collection from any public workspace, visit forking a collection.

To import a collection, click Run in Postman and select the workspace where you want to import this collection. This will import into a local copy of the collection that you can use and edit in Postman.

Select workspace

Postman will display a notification to confirm the import.

Collection imported

The collection will appear in Collections on the left.

Collection sidebar after import

Open the collection and click a request to open it. Depending on the template, you may be able to Send the request straight away and receive a response.

Templates request response

You can edit any of the request details in your copy of a collection and Save your changes for future use as you can in your own collections.

Check out some useful templates for getting started learning about APIs, requests, and Postman: