Managing your account

A free Postman account allows you to sync and back up your work so that you can access it from different machines. You can also collaborate with others on your API projects.

Signing up for an account is optional—you can use the desktop Postman app without an account if you prefer. Check out the EULA, security overview, and privacy policy.


Signing up for a Postman account

To use Postman on the desktop, download the app and launch it.

Alternatively, navigate to Postman on the web at

You will see a prompt to log in or sign up.

App Sign In

Click Create Account.

App Sign Up

You can sign up by entering an email, username, and password, or using your Google account.

To sign up by email, enter your details, check the box to agree to the Terms of Use (which you can view by clicking the link), and click Create free account. Postman will send you an email to confirm your account—follow the instructions to complete your account setup.

To use your Google account to sign in to Postman, click Sign up with Google, and follow the instructions.

You can update your username or change your email address at any time.

Configuring your account

When you first sign up for a Postman account, you will be prompted to provide some information about yourself.

Enter your details and click Continue.

Configure account

You can optionally create or join a team. If you are signing up with your organization email and your company has a Postman account with team discovery enabled, you will see teams you can join.

Join a team

To create a team and optionally invite collaborators, click Create new team. Enter your team name and URL—click Continue.

Create Team

You can update your settings at any time by clicking your avatar in the top left of Postman, then View Profile.

Your profile will be visible to collaborators and anyone viewing resources you share or publish.

Signing into Postman

You can sign into Postman by clicking Sign In in the upper-right corner, selecting Home in the upper-left then Sign in, or by navigating to Postman's website and clicking Sign In in the upper-right corner.

Create account or sign in

When you opt to sign into the desktop version of Postman, you will see the following screen and your default browser will automatically open a webpage asking you to sign into Postman.

Your browser should open within a few seconds. If it does not, you can click open your browser in Postman.

Sign in with web browser

You can opt out of the login process at any time by navigating back to Postman and clicking Skip and take me to Postman Desktop App. You must complete the process of signing in within five minutes once you initiate login from Postman. If you go beyond this time, you must return to Postman and restart the sign in process.

Log into Postman in your browser by entering your account credentials or signing in with Google. If you are on a Postman Business or Enterprise plan, opt to Sign in with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Check Keep me signed in if you would like to remain signed in after your current session for 30 days before re-authenticating. If you do not want to remain signed in on the computer you are working on, uncheck this option. Note that you will be prompted to sign in again after 30 minutes.

Sign in

Upon signing in, you will see a confirmation in your browser and you will be redirected back to Postman.

Signed in confirmation

Syncing your work

When you are logged into Postman, the sync indicator in the header bar is green; you are connected to the servers and your work is being continuously backed up. Postman will inform you if the sync is interrupted and will automatically try to re-establish the connection.

Sync icon

If Postman can't connect, you can switch to the Scratch Pad and work locally. For more information see, Using the Scratch Pad.

Sync connection

If a conflict arises from a sync issue within your workspace, Postman will present options for resolving the conflict.

Postman uses a WebSocket connection for real-time syncing. If you are experiencing issues with syncing, you can file an issue with the Postman support center.

Upgrading your account

If you have a free account, you can upgrade it by navigating to Postman and clicking Upgrade in the top-right corner.

If you have a paid account, you can upgrade your Postman plan by navigating to your billing dashboard and clicking ... > Change Plan.

change plan menu

The cost of your upgraded plan and/or additional seats will be prorated based on the time left in your team's current billing cycle. For more information, contact Postman's sales team.

Switching between accounts

You can sign in to multiple accounts at the same time in Postman. Click your user avatar in the top right to toggle between accounts or click Add a new account to sign in with another one.

Multiple Accounts

Security policies and standards

Postman uses several technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. For more details, visit our security page.

  • Communication with Postman servers only happens through HTTPS and Secure WebSockets.
  • Environment and global variables are encrypted so that only you can view them.

Updating your username

You can update your username at any time by navigating to your account settings. Select your avatar in the upper-right corner > Account Settings. Edit your username and select Update Profile to save changes.

Changing your email address

You can change the email address associated with your Postman account by navigating to your account settings. Select your avatar in the upper-right corner > Account Settings > Account. Edit your email address and select Update Email to save changes.

Updating your profile

You can update your Postman profile by navigating to your profile settings. Select your avatar in the upper-right corner > Account Settings. You can update your name and username, add details about you, and add links to your website and social media pages. Select Update Profile to save changes.

Edit profile

Your Postman profile is visible to your Postman team, and you can opt to make your profile public to the Postman community.

Making your profile public

You can enable or disable your public profile at any time in your profile settings. Select your avatar in the upper-right corner > Account Settings. Select the toggle next to Make profile public, then Update Profile.

Make profile public

Updating your notification preferences

You can update your notification preferences by selecting your avatar in the upper-right corner > Notification Preferences.

You can opt in to or out of email or in app notifications about security, usage, monitors, and comments by selecting or de-selecting the boxes next to each item. Select Update Preferences to save changes.

Update notification preferences

Managing your active sessions

You can manage your active Postman sessions by selecting your avatar in the upper-right corner > Active Sessions. You can view all of the devices you're logged in to Postman on and revoke any sessions you no longer use or recognize. You can also choose to Revoke all sessions.

Active sessions

Resetting your password

You can reset your password if you are already signed in by navigating to your settings > Account Settings > Change Password.

If you are not signed in to your Postman account, you can recover your username or reset your password from the Sign In page. Click Trouble signing in?

App Sign In

Enter your account email, check the I'm not a robot box, and click Submit.

Trouble Signing In

Postman will send you an email with instructions for recovering access to your account.

If you still have trouble logging into your Postman account please contact support.

Contacting Postman support

You can contact Postman's support team for assistance if you encounter any issues with your Postman account. Navigate to Postman's Support Center and select Submit a Request.

Submit request in support center

Check out Postman's Help Center for account FAQs.

Next steps

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