Syncing your work

What is Syncing?

Syncing makes all your Postman data available when you're signed in to your Postman account.

Changes, such as edits, updates, additions, or deletions, sync across all devices that are linked to your account.

These entities can sync with the server and be saved to the cloud:

  • Collections
  • Folders
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Header Presets
  • Environments
  • Environment variables
  • Global variables
  • Collection run results
  • Workspaces
  • History

How do I Sync between computers?

Install Postman and sign in with the same email address or username on all your devices.

Alternatively, access Postman on the web by visiting in your browser and signing into your account.

If you forget your username or password, you can recover them using the links in the sign-in prompt.

When you're logged into Postman, your data is synced across devices.

Note: Postman restricts parallel usage to three apps per account.


Postman indicates the sync state of your workspace. The flow diagram for sync states is shown below:

Sync States

If you are not signed in to Postman, you see the state as Offline. Click Sign In to connect to Postman.

If you are offline, you will be in the Scratch Pad, which is a space where you can work locally without a connection or login to Postman. The work that you do in the Scratch Pad will not be synced to Postman, but you can export it and import it to a workspace later. For more information see, Using the Scratch Pad.

Offline state

When you open Postman or if your connection drops, it displays Connecting before it starts to sync.

Connecting state

When you click the icon, you will see Syncing in Online state. The popup will indicate further information about the current sync state.

Online state syncing

If Postman is in sync with the server, the icon to the left of your name at the top right indicates Online, and displays a popup showing In sync on hover.

Online state in sync

While connecting to Postman, if you encounter a syncing error, it will indicate Error state. Hover to see the detailed information on the error.

Error state

You may occasionally experience sync conflicts between Postman and its servers, particularly when you work as part of a team: Postman will prompt you to resolve any conflicts that occur

Sign Out

If you choose to sign out, Postman deletes your data from the local instance of the app.

Don’t worry, Postman restores all your data from the cloud when you sign in, and enables other users to use it without your data clashing.

When you reload, Postman automatically retrieves the most recent and up-to-date version of your collections.

Disabling sync

If you or your organization have a requirement to prevent your data from being synced to the Postman cloud, you can use Postman without an account and manually back up your data locally.

You can delete already synced data by deleting your account. Note that if you are a part of a Postman team, you must first leave the team in order to delete your account.

Learn more about Security at Postman.

Deleting your Postman account

If you have a Postman account and are not part of a Postman team, you can delete your account.

Otherwise, you can contact us at

delete account

Last modified: 2021/12/01