Send data between blocks in a Postman Flow

A typical Flow often involves making a request, and then doing something with the result of that request. To do this, Flows pass information between blocks to perform tasks.

Using one block's output as another block's input

Once data is selected, it can be used with other blocks. Sending it to an Output block is great for seeing that the request worked, but it doesn't actually do anything with the value.

Using selected data

Adding another Send Request block and then dragging a connection to its value1 and value2 variable inputs lets the request use the value for eur and date that was returned in the first request.

You can also create a Select block by dragging and dropping output data from a Send Request or Output block. The new Select block automatically selects the data you dragged and dropped.

Select block

Blocks inside of other blocks

You may have noticed in the previous step that the Send Request block has a variable named value1 that's using a Select block with no value set. When this happens, it's selecting everything that's being sent to it (which in this case is eur).

This Flow can be simplified to remove the extra Select block and instead use the existing ones in the second Send Request block.

Simplifying the Flow

Last modified: 2023/11/22

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