Select values using Postman Flow blocks

API requests often return a lot of information. In many cases, when using the information to perform a task, only some values are used. This is where the Select block is useful for picking one value at a time to work with.

Selecting information using the Select block

Use the Select block when more than one value is returned. It's almost always used after a Send Request block because Send Request blocks always return more than one value.

Select block

You can also create a Select block by dragging and dropping output data from a Send Request or Output block. The new Select block automatically selects the data you dragged and dropped.

Select block

When you connect a Select block to a block that has already run or has a saved example, you can select a value from the block's output. This example (which uses the currency conversion API from the spotlight examples) selects eur, which automatically generates the structure to get that value. In this case, the request returns a set of data called body, which holds the two date and eur values. All requests have a data set named body, but the structure varies depending on the API being used.

Using the results

After selecting the value you want, that information will be the Select block's output.

Add an Output block to show information in various formats (like images, videos, graphs, and more) directly on the canvas when you run the Flow.

View the value with an Output block

Last modified: 2024/06/05