Manage your team's usage of Postman Flows

Postman provides tools to help you manage your team's usage of Postman Flows. Flows consume credits as they execute, at the rate of one credit per action block (like Send Request) or decision block (like If). Create with AI blocks consume a variable number of credits depending on how the block is configured and your Postman plan. The Free, Basic, and Professional plans include a number of monthly credits.

You can use the Resource usage dashboard to track the number of credits that have been consumed against your plan's monthly maximum. If you're on the Professional plan, you can also enable overages if needed.

Only team members with the Flow Editor role can create and edit Flows. The first time a team member in a Professional or Basic plan creates a Flow, a dialog tells them that Postman is going to assign them the Flow Editor role. Select Continue to assign the role or Explore Flows Catalog to browse pre-built Flows, or close the dialog to cancel assigning the Flow Editor role.

To learn more about the resources included with your Postman plan and what happens when you reach your usage limits, go to About resource usage.

Viewing Flows usage

The maximum number of credits your Flow can consume each month depends on your Postman plan. To check your team's current Flows usage, select Team > Resource Usage to open the Resource Usage dashboard.

When you reach your monthly usage limit, your Flows will complete their current runs. Then they'll be suspended until the next billing cycle, or until overages are enabled. Any webhooks that trigger the Flows will result in a 429 Too many requests status code.

How Flows consume credits

All blocks except the Create with AI block consume one credit each time they execute during a Flow's run. The Create with AI block consumes multiple credits each time it executes or tests a prompt. The number of credits consumed depends on your Postman plan and which AI model the block is configured to use, shown in this table:

AI modelFree planBasic planProfessional plan
GPT 3.510 credits5 credits5 credits
GPT 4Not available in the Free plan25 credits25 credits

The number of credits consumed by AI models is subject to change, although Postman will notify you in advance of any such change.

AI-generated images

The Create with AI block uses Dall-e 3 to generate images for both GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. The number of credits consumed per image in each plan is shown in this table:

Free planBasic planProfessional plan
10 credits5 credits5 credits

Enabling Flows overages

With a Free or Basic Postman plan, once you've reached your monthly usage limit, your Flows are automatically paused for the remainder of the billing period. To continue to use Postman Flows for the remainder of the billing period, upgrade your Postman plan.

With a Professional plan, you can enable Flows overages. With it enabled, you are charged and credited 1,000 credits each time you exceed your previous allotment.

Flows overages are deactivated by default for Professional Postman plans. To enable overages, select Team > Resource Usage to open the Resource Usage dashboard, and then turn on Pay-as-you-go under Flows Usage.

Last modified: 2024/06/05