Run requests in sequence using Postman Flows

If you have several requests that have no dependency on each other but have to be executed in a particular order, you can use send events to connect your blocks.

Check out the example Flow: Chaining requests

  1. Add a Send Request block

    Select + Block on the toolbar and select the Send Request block from the list to add it to your canvas, then select the request. Repeat this until all the requests are added to the canvas.

    Add Send Request blocks
  2. Connect the send events

    Select the port (success output) of the source block and connect it to the send input of the target block in the order you want the requests to execute.

    Select requests
  3. Start the Flow

    Start the Flow and see the requests run in the order they're configured:

    Start the Flow

If you want to use data from one request in another request, you can learn how to do so in Send information from one system to another.

Last modified: 2023/08/15