Publishing API documentation

Effective API documentation explains the purpose of your API and provides information developers need to build their own workflows. API documentation is helpful to onboard developers more quickly, and encourages them to adopt your services.

Auto-generate documentation directly from a Postman collection, take some time to add descriptions to more thoroughly explain each endpoint or parameter, or version your published documentation.

Your documentation will include both browsable information on the web, and the Run in Postman button so users can interact with your API directly in the Postman app. For example, check out the Postman API documentation—generated from a Postman collection.

postman API docs

In addition to private documentation accessible within your personal team, you can also share API documentation publicly with the Postman community. Sharing your API documentation within the Postman API Network or as a Postman template helps the community discover new APIs and workflows.

Don't have a public API? Discover other APIs from the Postman API Network to incorporate into your own projects. You can also search for industry better practices among the community-contributed templates.

Making your documentation discoverable

When you publish public documentation, anyone with the URL can access it. By sharing your documentation with the API Network or as a template, you increase the visibility of your API to a wider range of consumers by leveraging the Postman community.

Users can then access both the API Network and community templates via the New button within the Postman app or on the web.

Network and Templates

Browse the API documentation and community templates to inspire your own.

Imgur API docs

Your published docs can target specific versions of your collections.

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