Sharing collection runs

You can share the run results for a collection, by exporting them from the Collection Runner so that other people can import them into Postman.

Exporting collection runs

To export a collection run, click Runner and find the run you want to export in the Recent Runs list. You will see the Export run icon appear on hover—click it to download the run.

Export Collection Run

Choose a location to save your downloaded collection run.

You also can select a collection run from the Recent Runs list and download it from there by clicking Export Results at the top.

Export Collection Run

To export multiple collection run results from the Recent Runs list, hold down the command or control key and select the items from the list that you want to export. Click the Download icon in the menu bar at the top.

Export Multiple Runs

Importing a run

To import a collection run, open the Runner and click Import Runs at the top. Navigate your local file directory and import either a JSON collection run file or a .zip file containing multiple collection run results.

Import Collection Runs

Next steps

For more information about collection runs, check out the following resources: