Find and Replace

Find and Replace in Postman

Finding and replacing text in your API projects is quick and easy in Postman. The Postman app enables you to perform a global find and replace operation that works seamlessly across its various components like, Collections, Environments, Globals, and Open tabs. This essentially means you have the power to scope your search only to your Collections, Environments, Globals and Tabs.

To launch the Find and replace panel, click the find icon at the bottom of the sidebar, as illustrated in the screen below:

find replace icon

The find and replace panel is launched as illustrated in the screen below:

find replace panel

The Find and Replace panel also contains options for toggling case sensitivity, performing regular expression matching and scoping the search to selections.

Let's perform a search operation and find and replace the string 'postman' with 'pstman' by keeping the scope to 'everything'. This is illustrated in the screen below:

find replace results

In the above screen, you can see the results that show how the string 'postman' is searched and replaced with 'pstman'. You can limit a search to a subset of the collections/environments/globals/tabs in your API project by selecting the radio button 'Choose entities to find in'.

Note: You can also use shortcut keys to use this feature. Use Cmd + Shift + F for macOS and Ctrl + Shift + F for Windows and Linux OS.