Branching and looping

When running a collection, you can branch and loop across API requests in Postman using the postman.setNextRequest("request_name"); function.

set next request method

Set the request to be executed next


Loop over the current request

Providing the name of current run to setNextRequest leads to Postman running the current request continuously.

looping current request

Note: While looping over one request continuously, one should wrap setNextRequest in some logic so as to ensure that the request does not run indefinitely otherwise the collection runner would need to be force closed.

Stop workflow execution


Some salient points about postman.setNextRequest():

  1. Specify the name or ID of the subsequent request and the collection runner will take care of the rest.
  2. It can be used in the pre-request or the test script. If there's more than one assignment, the last set value takes precedence.
  3. If postman.setNextRequest() is absent in a request, the collection runner defaults to linear execution and moves to the next request

For more information about control flow, refer to building workflows.