Creating Workspaces

Postman account users can create an unlimited number of personal workspaces. Users who don't have a Postman account can have only one personal workspace. With Postman Team, Business, and Enterprise, you have one default team workspace and can create an unlimited number of additional workspaces.

How to create a new workspace?

To create a new workspace, select the workspace dropdown menu > Create New. Determine whether you'd like to create a personal or team workspace.

create new menu

To create a personal workspace, verify the workspace enter the name and description of the workspace. Click Create Workspace. At this time, you can create a new collection within your new workspace. You can also share existing collections from other workspaces to this newly created one.

create new personal workspace

To create a team workspace, enter the name and description of the workspace. Toggle the workspace type over to "Team" to reveal additional options to invite members to your workspace. Add members to this workspace by entering their email address or username of existing users. If you are an Admin, any email addresses not associated with current team members will be invited to join the team.

Postman Business and Enterprise users can check the box to limit visibility of this workspace to invited members, making a private workspace.

Click Create Workspace to finish creating your workspace.

create new team workspace

You can also create a new workspace in the Workspaces dashboard. Click Create a new workspace and follow the steps on how to create a personal or team workspace above.

create new workspace dashboard