Navigate the Postman Flows interface

Postman Flows has an intuitive interface to create your applications. This guide is a high-level overview of the Postman Flows interface.

Flows user interface

The Postman Flows user interface

  • Start block: The first block found in every Flow and the only one that can't be deleted. Application forms and webhooks send their information through this block.
  • Send Request block: One of the many types of other blocks that can be used in a Flow. The list of blocks is here.
  • Group: Enables organization, documentation, and building of Flows since groups can be duplicated. More information on organizing a Flow can be found here.
  • Minimap: Enables easier navigation of larger Flows.
  • Add annotation: Adds a text annotation.
  • Run: Runs the Flow.
  • Toolbar: Contains the Redo/Undo, Zoom, and Fit view buttons.
  • Text annotation: One of the ways to document a Flow for other users or explain complex tasks being performed.
  • Console: This is where you can find all API activity. This is useful for debugging Flows and ensuring your Flow is running with the expected information. A guide on debugging Flows can be found here.
  • Webhook: Create a Flow that either runs automatically on a schedule, or whenever a specified event happens. More information on webhooks and automatic runs can be found here.

Last modified: 2024/06/04