Welcome to the Postman docs! This is the place to find official information on how to use Postman in your API projects.

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If you're just starting to learn about APIs and Postman, you can use a variety of channels both in and outside Postman:

What are you here to learn about?

If you're learning to carry out a specific task or workflow in Postman, check out the following topics to find resources:

Making requests

If you're building a client app or just need to connect to an API, check out some Postman essentials:

Testing APIs

If you're testing an API, you can use Postman to automate various parts of the process:

Building and managing APIs

If you're developing a back-end, working API-first, or need to monitor API performance, Postman utilities can streamline your workflows:

Publishing APIs

If you're exposing an API for public use, Postman can support developer onboarding:

Collaborating with your team

If you're using Postman in your company or team, check out these guides to maximize your collaboration:

Developing with Postman

If you're integrating Postman with your CI/CD workflow or are developing with Postman APIs or libraries, check out these resources:

Providing feedback

Share your thoughts on the documentation and help the Postman team to improve it for yourself and other learners! To submit feedback, please create an issue on the documentation GitHub repo or post in the community forum.

Help improve Postman and have an impact on Postman's roadmap by sending your feedback directly to Postman's developer team. To submit feature requests, create an issue on the Postman GitHub repo.

Last modified: 2022/01/21