Get Started with Postman

1. Send a Request

Choose your verb

In this example, we're making a GET request to retrieve data from the server.

Enter a URL

Now let’s send our first API request!

Enter into the URL field.

Send a request

Click the "Send" button and inspect the returned response body.

2. Try it Yourself

We've curated our best blog posts, tutorials, videos, and docs to help you get started quickly with Postman.

3. Watch the New to Postman Playlist

Learn how simple it is to validate an API response in Postman.

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4. Learn About Postman Key Concepts

Get familiar with Postman fundamentals and learn more about how Postman works.

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5. Dig Deeper Into Advanced Features

From Our Blog

Learn how Postman seamlessly integrates with your favorite platforms.

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Learn how to integrate Postman tests with your own CI/CD pipeline.

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From Our Docs

Use the Postman sandbox to run tests and control your workflow.

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