Configuring team settings

Your Team Settings allow you to manage items such as your team's profile, discoverability, custom domains, billing details, authentication, and active invite links.


Accessing team settings

You can access team settings by navigating to the Team dropdown menu in the upper right corner and selecting Team Settings.

Team menu with Team Settings selected

Editing your team profile

When you select Team Settings, you will be automatically directed to Edit Profile. Here, you can edit your team's logo, cover photo, URL, name, and favicon.

Edit team profile

Logos and cover photos must be 500KB or smaller in size and only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files are accepted.

Logos must have a 1:1 aspect ratio and cover photos must have a 1:7.5 (height:width) aspect ratio. If your image does not fit these requirements, Postman will prompt you to select a portion of your image to upload.

You can also opt to enable your team's public profile. If you enable this feature, your team's profile will show up on Postman's API Network, along with any APIs, collections, and workspaces your team has published. You can also add an About your team section, a link to your website, and links to social media accounts to your team's public profile.

Making your team discoverable

You can select Team Discovery from the left-hand menu to view your options for making your team discoverable to other Postman users with email addresses from your team's domain.

See Team Discovery for more information on this feature and the admin and user experience it provides.

Edit team profile

Adding custom domains

Select Custom Domains from the left-hand menu to add, update, or remove custom domains for your API documentation.

Visit Using custom domains for information on adding, verifying, troubleshooting, and publishing to custom domains.

Adding custom domains

Updating billing details

Select Billing Details from the left-hand menu to add to or update your team's billing information including email, address, and VAT ID (if applicable).

View Adding custom information to invoices for information on modifying new and existing invoices.

Updating billing details

Editing authentication methods

SSO is available on Postman Business and Enterprise plans.

Select Authentication from the left-hand menu to configure or reconfigure your team's authentication methods.

See Configuring SSO for a team for details on how to configure your team's custom SSO setup and manage user accounts.

Editing authentication methods

Understanding roles and permissions

Select Roles and Permissions from the left-hand menu to view a complete list of permissions for team members' roles at a team, collection, workspace, API, and mock server level.

View Defining roles for more information on roles you can assign to members of your team and Managing your team for an overview of managing roles and users within your Postman team.

Roles and permissions descriptions

You can select Manage Invite Links from the left-hand menu to view a list of invitation links your team has generated. Here, you can review which users generated links, when they were generated, their expiry date, and their URL.

Managing invite links

You can select any column header to sort the list in ascending or descending order. You can also hover over a row and select the icon that appears on the right-hand side to copy the corresponding invite URL.