Configuring team settings

The Team Settings page lets you change your team name, team URL, team logo, and billing information. You also can add custom domains and manage your authentication method.

You can also access team settings in Postman via the Teams dropdown menu in the upper right corner. Teams


In General settings, you can change your team name and URL.



In Style settings, you can upload your team logo. Hover over the Team Logo icon and click the Pencil (edit) icon. Then upload your team logo image.


Billing Details

In Billing Details settings, you can add or change the billing email address, the company name, address, and VAT ID information.

billing details

Custom Domains

In the Custom Domains settings, you can add a new domain for others to access your published documentation.

Click the Add a new domain button and enter the URL of the domain you want to add.

custom domain

Next enter the TXT and CNAME settings to the specified domain for verification and verify the domain.

verify custom domain

You can see your domain in the Custom Domain list.

custom domain list

Available domains depend on your Postman plan level.


SSO is available on Postman Business and Enterprise plans.

In the Authentication settings, you can choose a Single Sign-on authentication provider to create a custom authentication method for your team.

Click the Add a new authentication method button to summon the Add Authentication Method page.


Select an authentication type and enter an authentication name.

add auth

Click the Proceed button to configure the identity of your provider.

config ID provider

Add the information in the Service Provider Details (Postman) section into your Identity Provider's SSO form and use the generated URLs and certificate to fill in the details for identity provider.

Complete all the fields in the Identity Provider Details section and save the authentication.